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Take OFF Mastermind is for Women Who Are Committed AF to Their Business, But Are Struggling to Get Consistent Clients and Revenue

Right now you are ...

➡ Trying lots of different strategies and getting frustrated that none are giving you consistent clients or income
➡ Confident that you know how to help your clients but your messaging is just not connecting with them
➡ Ready and willing to do the work with real strategies that are proven to bring in clients and money
➡ Dying to have the recipe that gives you proven results so you can finally stop stressing about where your next client and next paycheck will come from

Hi, I'm Johanne

As an Internationally Best Selling Author of Life Lit Up, International Speaker and the Go To Business Mentor for Coaches who want to have consistent €5-8k months - I have over 3 years experience in helping women, just like you, to create freedom, abundance and unconditional love through entrepreneurship.

I am 100% committed to walking my talk.

As a Single Mum, I started my business during Covid while still working in my corporate job so I get the juggle of it all AND what freedom is possible for you when you finally have strategies that bring in results and you can BREATHE a sigh of relief that there is cash coming in the door. I learned all the hard lessons building my business so you don't have too!

You don't need to spend a fortune to build a thriving business but you do need to go all in. All in is mind, body and energy.

In the last 3 years alone I've....

🥂 Built an international coaching and mentoring business that has 100% success rate generating results with clients

🥂 Became an Internationally Best Selling Author with "Life Lit Up'

🥂 Featured in the Motivation and Success Publishing Hall of Fame

🥂 Collaborated in World Class Joint Ventures

🥂 Spoken on physical and online stages locally and internationally to thousands of people at my own events and those I've been invited to be a guest expert on.

100% is possible for you and it starts right now

Johanne xx

The Truth is….

Consistent Clients and Consistent €5-9k cash months are a lot closer than you think, you just need the right mentor to guide you through the recipe that works

Are you ready to finally see your coaching business take off?

Ready to have dreamy clients knocking on your door to work with you?

I've literally been where you are right now. Trying to figure out what the missing pieces of the puzzle are, committed to doing the work just not sure what to put your time and effort into to actually get results.

Creating consistent €5-9k months just got a whole lot easier for you…

When you have
✔️ proven strategies that work for where you are at in business
✔️ hands on support with your mindset and strategy
✔️ a community of women around you who will love on you and support you every step of the way

When you join the Mastermind you get access to my proven marketing, mindset and sales strategies that will support you to

⚜️ Embed a strategy that will bring in new clients on repeat
⚜️ Have an influx of prospect clients so that your pipeline never runs dry
⚜️ Create magnetic messaging that connects with your dreamy clients so you no longer leave money on the table
⚜️ Set up automations so that you can book calls and make sales in your sleep
⚜️ Instil rock solid practices that accelerate your growth and see you celebratg new clients and new cash monthly

Client Testimonials

Check out some client results so you can see what's possible for you too

Meet Miriam. She has had multiple breakthroughs, created in excess of 200 coaching leads and has her framework for creating sales

Meet Janine. She set up her business from scratch and created recurring revenue as well as cash injections in her business. She also sold out her first ever retreat.

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get Inside The Mastermind

🧲 3 Hot Seat Q&A Calls per month on Zoom with Johanne
🧲 3 Sales Trainings/Q&A Calls per month on Zoom with Johanne
🧲 Online modules, templates, swipe files, tutorials and resources to build a successful coaching business
🧲 Copy and content review so you can nail your messaging and convert clients like a pro
🧲 Collaboration opportunities with other experts (aka my little black book)
🧲 In person/Online Retreat to ignite your passion and boost your results

VALUE €14,000





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